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Welcome to SeedCert!

SeedCert is CSGA's platform for seed growers and third parties to manage the seed crop certification of their fields and to maintain their CSGA accounts.

CSGA Applications

Applications for the 2023 growing season are now open. Please visit the 'Apply Now' tab for the CSGA Membership Application/Renewal, Application for CSGA Seed Crop Certification, Third Party Authorized Application, and Perennial Application Renewal. Note the latter three forms will appear once you have completed your CSGA Membership Application/Renewal. For application instructions and requirements, including deadline dates and applicable fees, please consult the Application Support Document.

Digital Seed Crop Certificates

In 2021, CSGA launched digital crop certificates. The modernized digital crop certificate now features a secure QR code which, when scanned, displays and validates the latest information for that crop certificate to further enhance the traceability and transparency of Canada's crop certificates. Key features include:

  • When your field has been certified and a digital crop certificate is ready, an email will be automatically sent to the most recent email address on file. This email signals to the seed grower or crop certificate assignee that a certificate is pending to be finalized in SeedCert.
  • In the 'Crop Certificates' tab, seed growers and crop certificate assignees can access, sign, and finalize their certificate. To finalize a certificate, you must first enter the harvested quantity of seed (prior to cleaning) and sign the certificate. The completion of both these steps is required to finalize the certificate.
  • Digital certificates reside in the platform. For those who prefer hard copies, the certificates can be printed. You can also share a copy of your digital crop certificate with a third party through the platform.
  • Growers can also voluntarily choose to upload Pedigreed Seed Declaration and Seed Grading Reports and/or other related documents to conveniently maintain all seed certification-related documents in one spot.
  • Filters are available on the left side of the screen to allow you to navigate what crop certificates require tasks to be finalized. These function similarly to those found in the 'Crop History' tab.

View the How-to Video or read the How-To Guide for steps to access and use the various tools available to you with our enhanced digital crop certificates.

Customizing Your Experience with the Crop History

The 'Crop History' tab provides real-time information on your fields in seed certification. Using the filters on the left side of the page, users can filter the information by certification status and by previous crop year. In the grid itself, you can drag and drop the columns to rearrange the information in a layout that is most convenient for you. You can also use the Filter icon located in the column header, to filter the information presented in that column. When using the various filters, remember to clear the selected filters to return to a view of all seed records in the grid. You can clear filters by hitting 'Clear' located at the bottom of the screen.

Need Help?

If you need assistance, please use the live chat feature available on screen to connect you with a member of our team between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm EST. You can also send us an email at or call us at 613-236-0497 x8803. For accounting inquiries, please email or call 613-236-0497 x8807. If you need assistance outside of those hours, you may use the chat to send us a note and we will get back to you.